Education in a Box (EIAB) is an effective, low-budget technology tool for providing educational content efficiently and effectively to a vast number of people. It can be customized according to particular needs and level of education where it is applied. EIAB is a way to bring technology-based learning to even the most remote schools and communities. This learning tool can make education available to all students, regardless of geographic location, socio-economic status, or gender. EIAB is a tool which can be used to build a comprehensive, competitive, and accessible education system in Afghanistan.

Education In A Box

Typical network layout of EIAB connected to a wider local telecom service. The USB simcard adapters will be compatible with Afghan Wireless, MTN and other GSM telecom providers.

The idea will be to have one central server(s) location in Kabul which will push content and changes to all EIAB devices via 3G/4G connections during designated schedules.

Education Customized 

EIAB can be customized to include a lot of the open source and free learning materials from around the world such as Khan Academy, Stack Exchange, different versions of Wikipedia’s, Open Street Map, Sugarizer, and many more. These kinds of educational sites and applications can be leveraged to provide a rich learning experience for students, challenging them to learn but to also giving them an experience that might level the playing field with the rest of the world in some ways.

Connecting today’s students with tomorrow’s future

EIAB is a technology solution for providing access to customized educational materials wherever it is applied. This device allows teachers and students to connect to a pool of information, browse through, and get what they are looking for, just like the internet, at no cost. EIAB can be accessed using smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, or any digital device that has wifi capability and an internet browser, and content can be made available for end users to download, allowing them to take home content for further dissemination of information and learning.